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1st National Tournament of mechanical lure for low-flying birds in Chile

Atualizado: 22 de out. de 2020

Last Saturday, the 1st National Tournament of mechanical lure for low-flying birds took place, where the Alberto Brunel Fabres Cup was held. Twenty falconers participated in the event, from all over Chile, to compete in the 2 categories: Males and females of Harris’s hawks .

The activity was carried out at the foot of a beautiful valley of the City of Requinoa in the Sixth Region of Chile, surrounded by large hills with a beautiful sclerophyllous forest, where a barbecue lunch was offered to the attendees.

As detailed in the program it starts the competition with the female category of Harris’s hawks, where the dispute for the first place was a draw, which had to be decided in a hand-to-hand flight between the falconers Wladimir Gatica from the City of Angol and his female hawk "ACSA" and Waldo Contreras from the City of Quintero with his female hawk "KORA", the flight distance was 100 meters, and the representant of " Rapaces Nabuelbuta” of the City of Angol won with a comfortable advantage.

Final Result female´s hawk category:

1st place Wladimir Gatica

2nd. Place Waldo Contreras

3rd place Sebastian Bravo

In the male category competition, the 1st place was to the falconer from the city of Santiago Mauricio del Valle and his male hawk "ALHUE"

Final result male’s hawk category

1st Mauricio del valle

2nd. Sebastian Bravo

3rd Christian Gonzalez

To know more about this event, read:


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