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📖Today we will learn about the birds of prey’s memory. Tomorrow we will start learning about imprint!


According to Fox, the memory of raptors is generally good and once the bird has been trained very little is forgotten. It´s important to make clear that memory is not the same as intelligence, as they are different characteristics. Raptor´s senses covers sights in color, then sounds, and to a lesser extent taste, touch and very little scent. Hawks can recognize previous owners even after more than a year of absence, and recall the meaning of the lure and hood. The visual acuity of hawks are much better than ours, and as they don´t demonstrate this recognition it can take years to an inexperienced falconer to realize how much a hawk recognizes. Hawks can recognize places where they have hunt in the past, and decide to check out the place again, diverting from the falconer.

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Kátia Boroni é jornalista, e escreve sobre Falcoaria, aves de rapina e

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Kátia Boroni is a journalist, and writes about Falconry, birds of prey and environmental education for the websites Diário de Falcoaria and Corujando por aí.

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