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According to Nick Fox, it¬īs difficult to really know how raptors imprint on sexual partners, but as far as he knows it should start after the initiation of the fear response, and it is independent of the presence or absence of siblings.

When reared together, a male and a female captive raptor may fail to form a sexual pair bond with each other, as they maintain their sibling relationship. However, if you separate them for a couple of months during their first winter, they usually pair up normally. Another possibility is placing them with other member of the opposite sex, so they will breed normally. Imprinting on humans as sexual partners cannot be avoided by hand-rearing chiks together with their siblings, as they seem to identify primarly with the food source as the future sexual partner. Nevertheless, a hand-reared bird, reared in a group, if isolated from humans, may pair with another of the same species. ūü¶ÖLike and follow the page Di√°rio de Falcoaria and follow our daily posts. See also on www.diariodefalcoaria.com

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